ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle

939 reviews
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip Elite Bundle
  • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle

ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle

939 reviews

(Domestic + International Shipping Available)

The Ultimate Gaming Bundle for the Nintendo Switch®

Includes: ZenGrip™ Pro, ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Case, two (2) thumb pads, controller rail, USB-A to USB-C charging cable

  • Our next generation Elite Bundle features the new ZenGrip™ Pro and everything you need for on-the-go gaming. With added room for a full-sized power bank and USB-A to USB-C cable included, your Switch can charge wherever your busy life takes you. 

    The Elite Bundle Includes: 

    ZenGrip™ Pro - The asymmetric and ergonomic design of our ZenGrip™ Pro fits a broad range of hand sizes and comfortably adjusts for extended gameplay. 

    New Third Generation Elite Case - The premier case for your Switch - you sacrifice nothing and carry everything. Designed to hold the Switch + ZenGrip™ Pro in maximum style, with room for 19 games and added room for a full-sized power bank.

    New Controller Rail -  Holds your controllers together for an organized pouch.

    USB-A to USB-C Cable - Low profile cable with 56k Ohm Resistor safely charges your Switch.

    Pair of Thumb Pads - Slightly raised surface with added texture for superior control.

    The ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle Comes with a Three-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

  • Items included:

    • ZenGrip™ Pro

    • ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Case

    • USB-A to USB-C charging cable

    • Controller rail

    • Thumb pads (2) for Switch

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Matthew B.
So nice I bought it Thrice!!

This grip is everything that it claims to be. It is well built, super comfortable, and I can no longer imagine playing my Switch without it. One of my first concerns was having to take the grip on and off to place it in the dock. However, the Switch is super quick and easy to take out of the grip yet I have never had any concern that the Switch would fall out of the grip while using it. The bundle case holds everything that I need and fits perfectly into my 5.11 backpack that I carry with me everywhere I go. I was so blown away by this grip that I had to buy one for my son and another for my daughter as well. And this is where I wish I could leave a 10 star review on the 5 star scale. I had several questions and concerns regarding the second and third grips that I ordered. Mostly having to do with whether or not they would arrive by Christmas. Each and every time I would receive and very quick reply that actually had helpful information. I have become so accustomed to having bots auto reply something along the lines of "Your concern is important to us... blah blah blah" that I initially thought that was the reply I was getting from Satisfye. But it was an actual human being typing an actual reply to my actual concern with information that was actually helpful. Even with the amazing product that is the Satisfye Pro Grip, its the level of Customer Service that they have shown that I want people reading these reviews to know about. The grips arrived well before Christmas and my kids are absolutely loving them as well. Well done Satisfye ... Well done. * * * * * * * * * * *

Great grip, expensive customs/toll fees in sweden.

I bought the original elite bundle. The grip is awesome. No problem with it yet. Been using it for about two months. The thumbgrips can feel a bit slippery at times. The case feels good, haven’t used it enough yet to give it a honest review about long time use. What I have noticed with the case is that it doesn’t fit the switch charger. Hope they fix this in future atterations. I’ve had my switch in the case with my anker 20100 powerbank (the switch branded one). Fits nice and snug. Tip: Be mindful of what you lay in the top pocket of the case so it doesn’t put pressure on the Joycon sticks while the case is closed. Would strongly recommend Satisfye to start informing customers about possible customs/toll fees. Got a bill from customs here in sweden for around 30 usd. This skyrocketed the price for my purchase so beware of this. Because of this I give it a 3/5.

Nic S.
United States United States
Electric Boogaloo

I've been left........ .........Satisfyed :D

I wish I could do 4 3/4 stars; fantastic product, with a couple minor nitpicks

I jumped in on the Indiegogo campaign, and after a surprisingly short wait time, I received my Elite Bundle. I started using it immediately, and I have (almost) nothing but great things to say about it. Let's just break it down, shall we? THE GOOD: Almost everything, tbh. The grip is really solidly constructed, and it does exactly as advertised: makes holding the Switch in handheld mode more comfortable and natural, by a WIDE margin. It's made from a heavy, solid-feeling resin, but has a subtle rubber texture on the underside; it really gives the feeling that you couldn't drop it if you tried. Obviously you could if you tried, but... It's grippy, is my point. Ergonomic, too. The included thumbstick pads are easy to apply, and make it harder for your thumbs to accidentally slip off of the sticks. They also feature the logo (a stylized S, drawn in the shape of an eye) engraved in the center, and generally make it look really cool. On top of that, the price is really reasonable. The carrying case is... Not quite "hard plastic," but it's not soft, and is quite durable. It is perfectly sized for a Switch with the grip attached, but not a lot else. Which leads to... THE BAD: Well... "Bad" is maybe a bit strong. Inconvenient maybe? Anyway, the case has a couple features, which -- while good in general -- could have been done better. It comes with a low profile USB-C cable, which is great, but it doesn't include a USB/wall plug adapter. I can get one, so it's not that big of a deal. Still annoying. It also includes pockets for about 24 games, which, again, is great. However, the pockets to hold the games are made of elastic. Secure, and easy to use, but opaque, so you can't easily see which game is in which slot. I would have recommended the hard plastic style, which can hold them snugly without obscuring the games. Finally, there's a pocket for holding various miscellanea, but it's almost completely useless; there isn't enough space to hold much at all. If it were like an inch deeper, I could hold a couple spare Joy-Cons or a charger or something. But as is, there's no room for anything really. THE UGLY: This review, from an aesthetic standpoint, as there is absolutely nothing for me to put in this section in regards to the product. Also, it's really top-heavy, with almost all of the content being in the "The Good" section. THE SUMMARY: The grip is a great product. I couldn't recommend it more. I've been recommending it to anyone who has or is considering buying a Switch. I don't think I'll ever go back to playing without it. The case is good, and I don't regret getting it, but there are just a couple things I would have improved. Hopefully, they'll consider redesigning it, and I would probably buy the improved version. I wish I could give a more precise rating; it's not perfect, but 4 stars is too low. I'd probably give it a 9-9.5/10. 10/10 for the grip, 9/10 for the case.

Olivier S.
At the end the price was to high.

Hi, i've received the Pro Gaming Elite Bundle this week. So far I'm happy with it, great product but with the shipping I found it a bit expensive but for more comfort for my hand I decide to still buy it. I was just really disappointed when my post man ask me 25$cad for duty fee. I think you should warn your costumer about additional fee because I'm not sure I would have bought it knowing that. In the end that 50$USD became more than 125$CAD.

Joshua D.
Pro Gaming Grip Elite Bundle

Thumbpads - The thumpads are great but I prefer not using them. USB Cable - The cable is amazing. I prefer having a smaller length one. Case - The Case is amazing but I feel the game cartridge pouch should of had more thought put into it. When I'm opening my case, I shouldn't be force to hold the container 1/2 open to grab a game. Grip - The grip is amazing is every way but my major complain is the left side. It makes a snapping sounds constantly while using it. Almost as if its not gripping it 100% or there's too much room for the joycon to move. There's is no other grip in the market that can do what satisfye grip does but the left side is really annoying and I'm not sure if I would recommend it due to this fact.


That actually sounds like an issue with your grip, shoot our support team an email about that so we can take care of it for you. Support@satisfye.com

John M.
United States United States
Damn, I'm proud of Satisfye

This feels nicer than your mom's love handles. On my switch, it does. Gameplay on the switch went up 500% with this grip.

Collin M.
United States United States
Living up to expectations

Fantastic product that has lived up to all my expectations. The case is AMAZING, and the grip is all its supposed to be as well. Can't recommend this enough!

Satisfye ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle ReviewSatisfye ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle Review
Gage D.
United States United States
Good case

Good case but only thing bothering me is you cant fit the og charger. I know its meant to hold a portable charger but there is no other case/grip combo on the market. If the top of the case was just slightly bigger it would fit the case and be perfect. Everything else about the case is great!

Henry F.
United States United States
Makes commuting that much better

I really love how much more comfortable this makes my Switch to hold for extended periods. Some other great bonuses with this particular design: I can stand it up straight on the table in front of me, which saves a little room when taking a break, my bluetooth dongle fits in the larger case without having to remove it, and I can fit a big honking battery in there too. The sheer fact that I don't have to take off the grip to stow it is why I went with Satisfye. Very happy with my purchase so far. Had to dock a star, however, because as others have mentioned putting my Switch in the grip scuffed my Joycon pretty bad. I didn't think I'd have an issue with this since I don't intend to take the grip off very often, given I mostly play on the go. But this happened the first time I put it in. New Joycon too, oh well.

Nicolas B.
France France
Almost perfect

Let's get started The switch grip is amazing it feels so right almost as if the switch should be bought with it. The case however is a bit off Maybe it's only mine but when I put my switch in the case and I lower the game organiser it conflicts with the left joycon joystick and it bothers me a lot. The case finish is really smooth and feels like a top tier quality product. BTW great shipping worldwide (arrived in France in like 4-5 days)


I think you may have received a defective product. I cannot be sure, but I do know there should be no interference on the joysticks. Please contact our support team via FB Messenger.

Jouni L.
Finland Finland

Switch feels like an entirely new console after putting this on. The case can fit in all of the necessary peripherals i need to game the go; HDMI, og powerbrick and a modded dock. Batterybank compartment is also super convenient. TL;DR No more hand cramps. Works like magic.

Satisfye ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle ReviewSatisfye ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle ReviewSatisfye ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Bundle Review
Shawn S.
Canada Canada
Every Switch owner needs one

Used the case and Switch Grip for a few weeks as of this review, and I must say it's worth every penny, the case really is high quality, it has enough room for most battery power banks (Anker 20,000mah is too large for the case) as well as some extra accessories on top of what comes with the bundle. The grip itself is sturdy and I can confirm it works with dbrand skins. It makes using gyro controls a blast and my hands never cramp up anymore. Heard about this from Rich of ReviewTechUSA

Ashley K.
Singapore Singapore
Amazing product

The grip felt great and the amount of items i can fit into my case is amazing! I can even fit my 3DS XL in it!

Bobby C.
United States United States
Game changer

I mostly play my switch handheld mode. I always felt hindered and uncomfortable playing most games, and I don’t even have large hands. However, this grip along with the thumb sticks that came with the bundle changed that. I now can play comfortably, longer, and have better control of my movement. Can’t go back to the old way. Satisfy, thanks for making my game experience so much better.