ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle

274 reviews
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle
  • ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle

ZenGrip Go Ice Edition Bundle

274 reviews

Pre-Order Special Pricing - Ships out November 10 from the US

Oh snap! We’re taking it back to the 90s with our coolest looking ZenGrips yet.


Introducing our ICE Edition Holiday Bundles, featuring a radical, transparent glacier design ZenGrip - available for both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Nice.


  • Ice Edition Go Grip
  • Ice Edition Elite Grip Case (Black) 
  • Ice Edition Shoulder Strap (Black) 
  • 3ft USB A - C charging cable
  • (2) Black Thumbpads
  • (2) White Thumbpads
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4.8 Based on 274 Reviews
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Ezequiel L.
Great Overall Value

This is the best grip add-on in the market by far.

Calista C.
United States United States
Great overall

There’s is only one issue I have. On the strap, one of the clasps is defective because it doesn’t stay closed like the other one which causes the strap to continually disconnect from the case... I haven’t dropped my switch yet... hopefully I don’t.

Satisfye Limited Edition Bundle Review
Elias H.
Canada Canada
amazing quality would recommend to any switch owner

The case has tons of space to store 19 switch games as well as most of if not all your accessories including a power bank to charge your switch on the go on top of that it is also incredibly durable and the inside is nice and soft so that nothing scratches the switch. The other things the bundle came with were top quality too such as the two joycon rails which alows you to keep them together which alows for easy storage of four extra joycons, a shoulder strap for an easier time carrying it, a USB A to C wire long to use with a power bank you can store in the case and the portable switch grip which i thought i would never use but now i use it whenever i put my switch in portable mode and its especially helpful for action games. The only thing a bit iffy about are those rubber things you put on your controller sticks as they make it hard to use them effectively but thats minor in comparison to everything else you get and like everything else you get you can choose not to use them so no big deal. I will recommend this too anyone who takes their switch on the go alot it is more then worth the asking price

Satisfye Limited Edition Bundle Review
Dennis D.
Netherlands Netherlands
Very very good product.

I love the bag, it’s durable and i like the style! However, I’ve paid 53 euro to ship it to Europe. I really wanted it so I’de paid it, but warn us of the shipping costs before.

Robert T.
United States
This should come with a official Nintendo sticker

I’ve been using grip for over 3 months ( as of writing this) and I have to say, its an Essential and perfect Accessory that all Nintendo switch should buy. Especially if you have bigger hand. This switch grip has helped and eliminated most to all of my hand strain. I use to play in tv mode Is my preferred method to play my switch. Not to sound cheesy Infomercial, but after buying this grip, my preferred way to play the Nintendo Switches has been in handheld mode. I have recommended this product to every switch owner I know. It one of the most Satisfying gaming Products I have ever Purchased . Thank you Satisfye.

A Satisfye Customer
Ryan L.
United States United States
Great Product

Awesome product. The quality is great and it does make using the Switch in portable mode so much better. Thanks ReviewTechUSA.

A Satisfye Customer
United States United States
Must Have!

I've had my Satisfye grip for awhile now, back when the first iteration was around, I've purchased and use the 2nd one and I just love it. Last night I tried to play without the grip and it was just so uncomfortable, I couldn't play more than a few minutes before wanting the grip back on I've ordered one for my Switch Lite and I'm so excited to use it! The only thing I wish is that I could buy the detachable game holder separately. Maybe one day! *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink*

Scott G.
United States
Makes handheld mode much more comfortable

The title says it all. My wrists would hurt with extended play sessions (1 hour or more) but theSatisfye grip solves this problem. It makes the Switch feel similar to the pro controller. Something else I noticed is that the grip transmits the HD rumble vibration very well so the designers seem to have taken that into consideration. The case that came with the grip is also high quality. It's a rigid, case and offers very good protection.. The ten cartridge storage slots in the case make taking a portion of your collection with you possible as will. Overall, in extremely Satisfied with my purchase

Karla C.
United States United States
Limited Edition Bundle

I love my new grip and all the accessories that came with my bundle. The one thing that was upsetting was the time it took to get my product. Normally I wouldn’t be upset because of the pandemic but the price of shipping was outrageous for the time it took.

Satisfye Limited Edition Bundle ReviewSatisfye Limited Edition Bundle Review
Steven D.
United States United States
Awesome Grip for Switch

This grip is great and lets you play longer without getting hand cramps. I'll be ordering another one soon for my other Switch.

David G.
United States United States
Love it

This was my third of four satisfye purchases. One for my Switch Lite, one for my original Switch, and two gift purchases for friends. Can't live without these grips!

Satisfye Limited Edition Bundle Review
Christopher C.
United States United States

Great quality , super well designed. I love the color! I always go with satisfye. Products are always top notch

Timo G.
Germany Germany
The product is nice but the shipping is horrendous

Its a really nice product. I had to pay 26€ import duties to the delivery service (who already got payed 20€). All in all the final price added up to about 100€ which it definetly isnt worth. I wouldnt recommend to purchase directly on this website when you live in germany.

Lim Y.
Singapore Singapore
This is simply too amazing but with potential improvements...

The overall build of the case is 10/10, grip 11/10, other accessories 10/10. I do think the C to C cable should be added in as well as part of the holiday spirit :P If I needed to buy another bundle, I wouldn't hesitate to get this bundle again. Potential improvements would be a slim edition of this bundle or an epic edition of this holiday limited edition bundle. I'm loving the blue colour a little too much but oh well. Also, it would be amazing if we can get those dark blue buttons joycons (even if it's sold separately). Hopefully one day, a charging stand is designed to fit the switch with the grips on (I know the grip can allow the switch to stand, but it isn't at an angle comfortable to play if I decided to place my switch on the table and use my pro con to play instead).

Ratan P.
United Kingdom
A Satisfying Switch Grip Bundle

The grip itself is very well crafted and very comfortable to use, especially for long periods of time. The red on this version is perfect. The Switch simply slides into place and the grip holds it in place perfectly without it slipping off or coming loose. I’ve been using it for a month now and it is still the best grip I’ve used on the Switch. The case looks and feels premium and holds everything in place very well, and the additional cable and joystick grips are a bonus. Very pleased with the purchase and have recommended already to many.