RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
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RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips

RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips
RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips

RYZEPADS (Pro Controller) - Performance Thumb Grips

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RYZEPADS — Pro gaming thumbpads for Pro Controller combine precision and lower fatigue with breakthrough ergonomic design.

Introducing the Satisfye RYZEPADS Complete Set for the Switch Pro Controller. Thumbsticks and thumb positioning is often an awkward pairing. Constant movement during gameplay creates tension and pressure resulting in soreness and fatigue.

  • The RYZE Swivel Pad rotates freely, eliminating resistance against your thumb as you move the stick through its range of motion. It has a unique Concave & Convex Design
  • The RYZE Notch Pad creates a groove where your thumb naturally arches down on the right thumbstick relieving pressure against the edge of your thumb for a better interface. It has a custom Concave design with feed ramp.
  • The RYZE Wave Pad has a natural, organic shape that can be used on either the left or right controller. By placing your thumb in the valley you can really get precise motion, it's great for shooters and gameplay where you want 100% control. It has a unique Concave & Convex Design

Standard and extended sizes for the Satisfye RYZE Notch and RYZE Wave Pads allow you to customize the controller for your hand size and style of play.


  • (1) RYZE Swivel Pad (Mid Rise)
  • (1) RYZE Notch Pad (Mid Rise)
  • (1) RYZE Notch Pad (High Rise)
  • (1) Ryze Wave Pad (Mid Rise)
  • (1) Ryze Wave Pad (High Rise)

RYZE Thumbpads — Made for Nintendo Pro Controller

RYZE Performance Thumb Grips Dimensions

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Purchased both the sets (pro controller and joycon) and overall I have like the look and feel. I have had very little issue with the pads popping off of the pro-controller, once or twice in ~100 hours of use. The joycon pads on the other hand seem to come off very easily. My two issues, dropping these to 4 stars, are that the fit is loose enough that "notch" pad gradually moves when you play so if you have put it in a specific spot for thumb positioning you are constantly having to rotate it back to the starting position. My second issue is simply with the way these are sold. I only like 2 of the 5 that come in the set, so if I wanted to have the same preferred cap I have to buy two sets and having multiple controllers means again multiple sets per controller. Frankly, even thinking about spending $80 on pads ($58 if on sale) for one controller is outrageous when a controller costs $65.



I bought my first pair for my nintendo switch and i immediately fell in love with them. Then I bought them for all three of of my PS5 controllers and then i bought them for my special God of War controllers. They are the most amazing pads I have ever used for gaming controllers and I have used a lot over the years. Thank you for developing these because they are absolutely AWESOME!!!!!


If you're looking to up your game, I highly recommend this!

I game from time to time over the weekends and used to be a diehard Call Of Duty and Halo fan (and still am!). I recently bought some RYZEPADS to improve my game and it shows in my gameplay! I played some Black Ops Cold War after playing the MW2 Beta and absolutely killed it. I went 55-10 over the weekend and consistently get games like this. I've tried other thumbgrips before but they didn't feel right and my hands would get tired after a while. These RYZEPADS are super comfortable hands down. I personally use the Notch on the left stick and Notch Extended on the right stick.



So glad to hear that Justin, thanks for sharing!


Good, for the price could be a little bit polished

Good product. Given the price one more wouldn’t be too much and a little work is necessary to make a system that can stay more in place.


Very comfortable

Overall these grips are very comfortable when set up correctly. They do not fit completely over the edges and therefore I’ve had some aggressive friends be able to knock them off. Not an issue to me but it should be known



most Excellent products


So comfortable!

It was a bit hard to put on the first time, but they really improve my experience with the joycons on my switch, definitely appreciate them!!!


Good, but Grips Fade

The grips feel good, after moderate use there's not much grip left. I think I would like to see a harder grip material in the future.



The material coming off is just the logo. Aside from losing some dashing good looks, it still functions perfectly and remains super sticky and soft with plenty of grip. I tested a harder material and the logo will remain intact longer but takes a HUGE sacrifice to stickiness and softness. IMO it's not worth the trade-off. -- Phillip (Founder)


Love these things

I’ve used a lot of these sort of products and this is by far the best



It has good grip but comes off when I play smash bros. It just doesn’t grip my left stick. Might just be my joycon. But overall great


Nice and comfy

Greatly improve joystick accuracy and have a nice feel to them

Satisfye RYZEPADS (Xbox 1/Series X) - Performance Thumb Grips Review

The Pro controller Performance Thumb grips Fit

Thank you for the grips they arrived safely.


Ryze Pads are okay.

The design is great but the material the grips are made out of aren't. When I use them on my Switch OLED, the material comes off in little bits, and I'm afraid it will get under the joycons and cause a drift issue. If they were made out of a different material that didn't wear off during use they would be great. But this issue is a big problem for me. Customer service is great. I had contacted them due to the ones I bought were having problems staying on the Joycons, and they sent me out another set for bigger joy sticks. They worked great, but still have the same issue of shedding material during use.

Satisfye RYZEPADS (Xbox 1/Series X) - Performance Thumb Grips ReviewSatisfye RYZEPADS (Xbox 1/Series X) - Performance Thumb Grips Review


The shedding is due to the material being "soft and sticky." It will continue for a bit and will eventually stop. We could make them not shed as much but there will be a sacrifice to that soft sticky feel. I tested it personally and did not enjoy the firm and more slick feel. Best -- Phillip, Founder


Gaming with joysticks easier and more comfortable

I really like that there is a variety of different Ryze Pads to choose from. The ones I chose to use for my Dualsense-controller improved the gaming experience. Before I bought these my thumbs would sometimes get close to slide off the tips off the joysticks during intense gameplay-sessions, now that doesn't happen anymore. So before I also had to re-centre my thumbs to make sure they rested comfortably on the centre of the joysticks. Two of pads I chose has a little "dip" in the centre where I place my thumbs and they follow the movements I'm doing without falling off, really feels nice that the curvature along the edges of these pads help my thumbs to always stay where they need to be at all times. I do recomment to check out Satisfye's own Youtube-video on how to apply and how to get them off the your controller before trying this yourself.


Switch pads

It's fun to use