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  • Pro Gaming Grip
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  • Pro Gaming Grip
  • Pro Gaming Grip
  • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip
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Pro Gaming Grip


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The Ultimate Gaming Grip for the Nintendo Switch®

  • The acclaimed gaming grip places your hands in pro grip position, perfect for extended gameplay. The asymmetric design compensates for the low position of the right stick for comfortable, ergonomic gameplay.

    We set out to create the ultimate gaming grip for the Nintendo Switch. It distributes weight to your hands like a traditional console controller so your fingers are free for better, more comfortable control. And it’s super high quality - heavy duty with a secure interface to your switch - so there’s no flex or creaks like cheaper grips.

    The small switch controllers put the burden of supporting the switch on your fingers, limiting control and making the switch uncomfortable for adult hands. The Satisfye pro gaming grip is more comfortable and ergonomic. Designed in California by the founder and a team of mechanical engineers and ergonomics experts, we have worked to create the absolute best gaming grip for the Nintendo Switch.

  • Items included:

    • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip (Dimensions: Length - 11.34 inches x Width - 4 inches x Height - 1.8 inches)

    • Thumb Pads for Switch (4)

Unique Asymmetric Design

The natural resting place for your right thumb is inward, toward the interior of the controller. The Satisfye pro gaming grip has an asymmetric design which places your thumb closer to its natural resting position.

Most grips fail to place your right hand in the correct, ergonomic position, and the result with these grips or going gripless is your hand can become fatigued or cramped. With the Satisfye pro gaming grip, your hands are always in the perfect position.

We designed the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip to give you an unrivaled, pro-controller experience for hours of comfortable gameplay.

[ Philip Brand / Satisfye Founder & CEO ]

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Matthias K.

Awesome piece!

Neverever without that thingy. Nice work guys. It's worth every cent, that I spend on it. Keep it up.

Justin P.
United States

Pro Grip worth getting

This has been a game changer. Feels natural in hand. Don't hesitate to purchase this, you will thank me later.

Erik M.

Night and day improvement!

As someone with fairly large mitts, the brutal crab-claw hands the Switch would give me after an hour in portable mode kept me from playing it as much as I'd have liked. Not anymore with this grip! It was almost like putting on a pair of shoes that fit after wearing ones that were two sizes too small. The second I attached it I could tell some serious thought went into this design; in addition to the ridiculously improved ergonomic layout, it also acts as a sort of brace to make the console itself feel much less flex-y at the controller attachment points, making the whole setup a lot more solid and durable. I'm still not sure if I like the extra bulk the caps add to the thumbsticks, but I just consider them a nice bonus pack-in and can always take them off. Regardless, this is a great product that elegantly solves the only major gripe I had with the Switch, and as this grip has now spoiled me I'm really leaning towards picking up the Mini Grip as well for docked mode.


Best grip

Best grip you can have! It fits like a glove and easy to take on and off if you want to dock it.



Typically playing in handheld would make my right hand and my wrist get sore, but this grip changes that completely. Couldn't play in handheld mode for long periods of time without cramps in my right hand/wrist as I have big hands, this feels so much more comfortable.