Pro Thumb Pads (V2) - Set of 4

18 reviews
  • Satisfy extended thumb button tabs for Nintendo Switch
  • Satisfy extended thumb button tabs for Nintendo Switch
  • Pro Thumb Pads (V2) - Set of 4
  • Pro Thumb Pads (V2) - Set of 4

Pro Thumb Pads (V2) - Set of 4

18 reviews

Black Thumb Pads available only

(We ship everywhere in the US as well as Internationally)
The Ultimate Thumb Pads for your Nintendo Switch® This set includes our 2nd generation thumbpads. A total of 4 thumb pads are included.


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Austin P.
United States United States
Needs slight rework

I love Satisfye’s Switch grip. I have one for both my Switch and Switch lite. When I got my first set of thumb pads with my grip, they felt so great I wanted more for my other joycons so I would not have to keep taking them on and off. By the time I received them, I was playing more Animal Crossing, Pokémon, another games that favored more motion on the left joystick. The bottom part of the thumb pad that wraps around the joy sick does not fully allow the stick move. For example, it only moves half way causing the player to walk instead of run. I never write reviews, but this is a product I really want to work. If the rubber part on the bottom of the pad could be thinned to allow full motion, this would be a 5 star product. Thank you

Emily C.
United States United States
I love these things.

I recieved the thumb sticks with my elite bundle & I didn't expect that they would be much different from any other thumb sticks that I had used, but I was so wrong. They make using the joy sticks so much more comfortable & the inputs so much more precise. So once again I bought an extra set for my some of my other joy cons that I use a lot, & not only did I buy an extra set of these, but also the controller rails as well. A lot of people may look at the bundle & think oh I dont need all that stuff, but believe me, I thought the same thing & now the controller rails & thumb sticks are something that I couldn't live without. Once again, another amazing job by Satisfye. Not only do they make quality grips, but they also make all quality accessories to be used with the switch. This will be the only place that I buy my accessories from from now on.

Logan O.

Amazing. These make being precise much easier! Also the concave design is much more comfortable!

Jake T.
Very Ergonomic

The grips are extremely good at providing a more comfortable way of using your thumb sticks. I received the grips from my elite bundle, and I have to say that they were an excellent addition to the already awesome bundle and I would definitely recommend them to anyone, especially with the extra ones in case they ware out.

Emily C.
United States United States
Best thumb grips to own.

I will never purchase any of my switch accessories from anywhere else. Best company on the market for anything that has to do with your switch. I have every accessory & multiple of some of them.

Bailey R.
United States United States

I never used them until I watched a video on installation and realized I had not calibrated my control sticks. After that they worked perfectly and were very comfortable

Adrian D.
United States United States
A little too thick

These thumb pads feel great, and are perfect for the right Joy-Con, but not so great for the left. The pad is a little too thick and I really have to push hard in the direction I want to move my characters in games like Breath of the Wild and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I thought it was my Joy-Con at first but I swapped this thumb pad with a different lower profile one and the movement on the stick was unhindered. Like I said these really do feel great but they are too thick for free movement of the thumb stick.


Go into the Settings menu and recalibrate the joysticks. They will never fail you again.

Clinton D.
United States United States
Nice Product

Nice and grippy feeling.

Michelle W.
United States United States
Stayed on my mom's switch, didn't stay on mine

I love how it feels! Wish it stayed on better. IDK why it won't stay on my Switch, I have an original console from the year of release. My mom's Switch is from this year. Her pads stay on, mine fall off. She actually plays it more than I do, so idk what's going on.

Leonardo G.
United States United States

Good not bad feeling. Though I had realized that it does not allow enough room to move certain directions so on certain games i would only be able to walk insteadof jog. After awhile I took them off


Check out this video here for our to properly calibrate once installed!

Nathaniel B.
United States United States
Too Thick

The thumb sticks are amazing and make it so much easier to use the switch! My only complaint is the thickness makes it harder to push the stick all the way through.

Jaime L.
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Essential for every Switch owner

I have these installed on both my Switch and Switch Lite and they works well. Easy to put on and hugely improve comfort. Highly recommended.

Kaley D.
United States United States
Dope as heck

Greatly enhance the joycon tumbstick for adults

Ramon P.
Brazil Brazil
One of the best Thumbpads I ever had.

One of the best Thumbpads I ever had, but my first set feel, that’s why I needed to buy more sets. Hopefully, these stay longer.

Matthew H.
United States United States
Nice thumbstick protection

This is perfect to keep the longevity of your thumbsticks from wearing down.