ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case

17 reviews
  • ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case
  • ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case
  • ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case
  • ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case
  • ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case
  • ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case
  • ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case

ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case

17 reviews

(We ship everywhere in the US as well as Internationally)

The ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Case for the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro and your Nintendo Switch®

ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Case 

Includes: ZenGrip™ Pro Elite Case only (ZenGrip™ Pro + accessories sold separately)


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4.8 Based on 17 Reviews
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Wojciech W.
Poland Poland
Travel Kit

This is a good design for someone who travels a lot with Switch. Enough storage and the compartment for the powerbank and the fact that I don't have to carry my grip separately is very convenient. I paid extra for DHL Express but I think it overall saved me the custom fees which I didn't have to pay on this delivery. I live in Poland and I received this case in under 7 days which is amazing considering it traveled from Honk Kong.

Satisfye ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case ReviewSatisfye ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case ReviewSatisfye ZenGrip Pro Standalone Elite Grip Case Review
Louis M.
United States United States
Best Case Ever?

I would say IMO, it's a very durable case that delivers. Not only is it able to store your switch with the Satifye Grip attached (duh), but this case not only has space for 10 extra switch games that my old case didn't have and I'm able to store my power bank comfortably beneath that. With the fact they made this case available to purchase after the fact I received the grip as a gift was such an awesome thing of Satisfye to do. Most definitely recommend this product with any others they have and create in the future.

Michelle M.
United States United States

Perfect for carrying the Switch and its accessories!

Linh N.
Vietnam Vietnam

This is best grip for switch ~~ i love it so much

United States United States
switch case

the velcro strap that keeps the switch down wore off after 3 months other than that an overall good case

Fediady F.
Australia Australia
The best case ever

Simply the best switch's case out there. Sturdy and could fit all stuffs that i need !

Philippe B.
Canada Canada
Solid case

Bought the entire Satisfye product line and I have to say that I am really happy with the whole thing 2 Things that I wish would be made for a future, the mini-grip should have a usb-c port to charge the joy-cons, and I wish there was a way to fit inside the carry case, even if the case becomes thicker or larger. I recently bought the genki mini travel dock and being able to have my entire switch including a mini-grip inside the case would be really great. I will buy it all over again if you guys make these two things.

Mr. Vain
United States United States
Rock Solid

The case has a very sturdy feel to it. I feel confident, when holding it in my hands, that it'll protect the items within. Perfectly fits the battery pack I bought as well as a few other items. Standard Switch with Zen Pro Grip, this brand is top tier quality for Switch accessories.

Jordan S.
United States United States
The cost of shipping

Shipping was expensive and it's been a month and a half without receiving product. I purchased the grip on Amazon a few years ago and satisfye didn't sell just the case. Really wish I would've just bought the bundle on Amazon years ago and not went through this $38.57 shipping headache for a $23.99 item. Live and learn.

greg_dunn_50 .
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Perfect protection

I already had the grip and got annoyed that I never got the case at the same time. So I decided it was time to get the case to make things easier for having my switch on the go

Rob C.
United States United States

Love this case for my switch! Works very well.

Christopher D.
United States United States
Great Grip where is the Case?

Look the grip is awesome! But my case is still not here any word on that?

Vincent M.
United States United States
It's bomb diggity

It's spacious, and it fits a Switch with the Hori Split Pad Pro attached. One of the flaps doesn't sit flush with the system but that's to be expected. Due to the larger sticks on the Split Pad Pro, I have to avoid overloading the top mesh area, but it still fits the Switch, almost 20 games (I think; it fits 9 on one flap and I think 10 on the other), my RavPower battery bank, and a couple of cables, which is all I need. If you really want to carry a bunch of games on you, you could fit a Younik game card case in the top compartment and still fit your Switch with the Split Pad Pro inside with no issue. It fits a tiny bit snug on the system and you need to push it down for it to go in the bottom half, but you don't need to push hard at all, and it stays pretty well too. Overall, couldn't be happier. I've been looking for a decent case to fit this hulking beast for months and was pleased to find something I can toss in a bag when I'm going on a business trip. It is gargantuan, though, so you'll likely need to dedicate bag space for this case.

Anthony P.
United States United States
No complaints.

This case is just what I was looking for. The fact that it can carry all the essentials is an added bonus, it even has an compartment for a portable battery, not to mention housing my switch with the Satisfye grip securely. Oh, the case is sturdy too. No complaints.

Robert D.
United States United States
Elite case is a must-have with the switch grip.

I bought the bundle for the switch lite after purchasing only the grip for the full switch, and I liked it so much I needed to buy the standalone case for my full switch. It's a great case.