ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
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ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle

ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle
ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle

ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle

$79.99 $64.99
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ZenGrip Pro Slim Bundle

Fits Switch & Switch OLED

Includes: ZenGrip Pro Gen 3 + ZenCase Pro Slim (Gray)

The new 3rd Generation ZenGrip Pro works with the new OLED Switch and the original Switch. Includes patent-pending True Free Float technology that keeps your switch scratch-free and improves airflow to keep your console cool and running fast. No mods, tools or extra parts to change configuration for your console. ZenGrip Pro Gen 3 just fits both consoles like magic. Available in Black or White.


ZenGrip Pro — Made for Nintendo Switch OLED ZenGrip Pro — Made for Nintendo Switch OLED

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Marc A.
United States United States

LOVE IT but..

Disappointed it’s no longer available in the Ice Edition for the OLED.

Russell P.
United States United States

Great Product

Fits your hands much better than just using the switch my itself, so you can play longer.

Matthew S.
United States United States

Great Quality, extremely comfortable

High quality rubberized plastic grips make playing for extended sessions much more comfortable. The case is high quality and securely protects an OLED Switch

Sho Y.
United States United States

Best available grip

Something’s I don’t like are the sharp inner edge on the grip especially on the left bottom dig into my hand. Another thing is that it is heavy. Bottom hooks partially block air vents on the oled.

United States United States

Great grip

This is my second grip and case I've bought. They're very reliable and make playing portable a much better experience. Only drawback is it's not dockable, but not a huge deal for me. These grips are the gold standard imho.

Randall G.
United States United States

Zengrip pro slim bundle

Great product super practical makes playing switch on the go way better

Brendan P.
United States United States

A perfect pair

My girlfriend loves the grips and her slim case, I have the elite case to carry our charger and cables. If you have 2 switches and frequently travel together I definitely recommend this set up, however the elite bundle is is the most bang for your buck so if you’re both fine with having a slightly more bulky package to carry around I’d recommend that

Mary A.
United States United States

Grip is great, case needs a little work

I love the grip - for someone with on going repetitive injuries and arthritis, the grip helps with that so much. Now the case is great for the grip, but I don’t like to take it with me, because there is no place to put my accessories like ear pods, joy con grips, etc. now that the switch can AirPods, I keep mine in my case so I have them when I need them.

Jong J.
United States United States

Perfect accessory

I use my Switch almost exclusively handheld since I’m always on the go, and I can safely say that the Zengrip Pro is the only accessory I will ever need. Comfortable, and sturdy; plus I just love how it complements the white OLED.

Mason T.
United States United States

The only way I play my Switch OLED

I found this grip through Beatemups on YouTube, so I know it had to a good product, I put off buying it for a long time because I knew it had to be good, but how could it be THAT good. And so once I bought, it doesn't come, I took it off to show my friend how secure it was (I was shaking it pretty hard, probably shouldn't do that though) and I was holding my naked switch and it felt weird and small and uncomfortable, so Wood was right, it won't ever come off, unless I need to dock it. Absolutely in love with this brand.

United States United States

The grip is great, but the case could be tougher

The grip is definitely a game changer and makes using Switch so much more comfortable. The slim case is OK in general, but with Ryzepads on you can essentially press the sticks through the case's top cover without any effort. Maybe making the case just a couple millimeters thicker and/or the top cover stiffer could solve the issue. Considering that even the slim case is considerably larger than cases for a "gripless" Switch, this extra bulkiness wouldn't ruin it. Also an outer material of the case isn't the nicest one to touch, which is a very minor complaint, but having some extra options to choose from would be grate. Anyway, I'm happy with the bundle overall and like how it improved my Switch experience.

Jesse S.
United States United States

Handy handles and carrying case.

I have been using a ZenGrip Pro for about a year, but I needed a case that would fit the Switch while still having the grip installed. This was a perfect solution. I gave my old ZenGrip Pro to a friend’s son, and now use this for portability and protection.

Christian A.
United States United States

Finally a pro grip that's comfortable for my hands

It's light comfortable, easy to install I like the pro grip and case the only thing I dislike is the smell it produces when your hands start to get clammy. It produces a distinct chemical smell

Jose A.
United States United States

Not for me

I was looking for a solution for cramping hands when using the switch, and after seeing all the glowing reviews I jumped at this since it seemed very well made. But it's just not working out for me. For reference, I'm 5' 11" tall and my hands are pretty average sized. First of all, this is a quality product. The soft touch plastic feels really nice in your hands. The Switch slides in easily. The rubber pads on the inside of the grip protect against scratches. The console fits snugly and securely. Overall, very good build quality. However, after 2 weeks of trying it out in daily use, I can say this was not the solution for me. First of all, I switch back and forth between dock mode and handheld mode throughout the day, and getting this grip on my switch every time became more cumbersome than I was expecting it to. Secondly, it makes the Switch unexpectedly large. It is harder to find a place to set it down. I expected the added thickness, but it also makes your witch very wide. This thing adds almost 3 inches to the width of your switch, which I think is quite significant. I was expecting these two factors when I bought the grip and was willing to compromise as long as it made my switch more comfortable to use. However, this was not the case. The flat edges at the top, while rounded out, can dig into your palms. This can also happen when using the Switch with only the joycons, but with an overall slimmer profile you have more room to adjust your grip around it. This grip is so big you have to have your entire hand around it at all times, and there is no way around the flat edges when reaching for the buttons. This caused my hands to start cramping up. When my hands start getting tired from using the switch, I usually set it on my lap to keep using it while giving my hands a break. This is very uncomfortable with the grip on as the bottom of the grip was digging into my legs. All of these factors made me decide to stop using the grip altogether. I'm disappointed, as I was really wanted to like this product. I like that it uses the joycon, as I like using gyro controls and enjoy the rumble features. That was the main reason I opted for the grip and not, say, the Hori split pad. But it was not right for me. I'd return it, but a friend wants to try it out first. If they like it, I'll probably just give it to them.

Leonardo C.
United States United States

Game changer

It makes the portable experience of the Nintendo Switch much better. Definitely a must buy.