ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle

221 reviews
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle
  • ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle

ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle

221 reviews

The Ultimate Gaming Bundle for the Nintendo Switch Lite®

Includes: ZenGrip™ Go, Slim Grip Case + two (2) white thumb pads

  • Our new ZenGrip™ Go Slim Case allows you to pack your Switch Lite essentials in a sleek protective case for the best on-the-go gaming experience. Designed to hold the Switch Lite + ZenGrip™ Go in style. 

    Product Details: 

    • Premium quality zipper for secured storage while you’re on-the-go

    • Hardshell EVA exterior material for the best protection for your Switch Lite

    • Protective outer grooves to prevent unwanted pressure on Switch Lite joysticks

    • Soft, plush interior provides a scratch-free environment for your Switch Lite, ZenGrip™ Go+ accessories

    • One game sleeve to carry up to 8 of your favorite games

    • Clips attach to the back of the Case to use our Shoulder Strap with 360-degree swivel technology

    The ZenGrip™ Lite Slim Bundle Comes with a Three-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

  • Items included:

    • ZenGrip™ Go

    • Slim Grip Case

    • White thumb pads (2) for Switch Lite

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Lance W.
Singapore Singapore
Satisfyed once again!!

Did a pre-order on the SwitchGrip lite slim bundle during the pre-order period and it arrived 2 days before the stated date!! Totally didn't expect that I would be able to receive my Christmas gift early!! Can't express in words how much I love the case itself as well as the SwitchGrip lite !! Once again, I am very satisfyed !!! Keep it up and hope to see more upcoming products from you, Satisfye !!! ❤️❤️

Sheila W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great item but terrible shipping!

The grip a 5 star item, but read on... The grip is really as good as all the reviews say it is! My issue is that I'm in the UK, ordering from an American website and not being told that the item ships from China. So expected shipping went from 1 week to 4 and oh let's stick an customs charge on top that add 65% of the items value on top. So a £25 item just cost me the best part of £40 and took 4 times as long as it should to arrive. I know postage isn't Satifye's fault but the company must be large enough now to either have a European warehouse or sell through the likes of Amazon. Anyway in my experience - item is great - postage is terrible!

Nathan C.
Australia Australia
Is the switch lite grip as comfortable as everyone says?

I have been using the switch lite grip for just under a month now and I have to say it is pretty good. My expectation for this grip was so high and with so many of my favourite YouTubers talking it up I couldn’t wait to try it out . Firstly, I like the way the grip looks on my switch lite and the grip fits great around my switch. The case is second to non , I know my switch is safe when it is tucked away safely in my new slim case. But I can’t ignore the fact that the grip feels significantly heavier when it’s on the system. My hands still get cramps after playing for more than 45min, which is ironic since I could debate that even without the grip my hands stayed comfortable for about this periods of time. Overall I’m glad I have bought this grip, I wish I bought the grip for the original switch since I feel the grip would make a difference due to the size but the switch lite is already so much smaller , not 100% sold on the idea that the switch lite needs a grip. Wouldn’t bother going out and buying this product if you already find your switch lite is comfortable to play. Overall great product , if you have a money I recommend you to try it for you self . Ps postage was good , I did received an email stating my purchase was getting ready to be posted but it took almost a week for the tracking info to appear so that was misleading for me. So Instead of postage being 13days from purchase it was more like 15days.

United States United States
Great for adult hands

I first got the Christmas bundle last year for the original switch. Just order the grip for the lite this Christmas. Thanx

Reed G.
United States United States
Satisfye Grips

It was great using the grip on the regular switch and the switch lite thank you for sending me another Keith order for lite because the zipper broke I really appreciate it and I’m definitely recommending your product to my family members cousins and friends who have a switch to

Satisfye ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle Review
jon n.
United States United States
Amazing grip, decent case

The grip itself is amazing! It feel like I'm using a full console controller. I've tried the analog stick extensions and they're pretty nice too. I went with the slim bundle to keep down on size, but having it in hand, I do regret not getting the full size case. The size difference isn't that big, and I don't have any space on the inside to fit a battery case. To fit earbuds I have to smash them under the switch as there is zero room above, and it's not a good experience. My verdict, get the grip, and get the bigger case.

Patrick F.
Canada Canada
Switchgrip pro & lite

I purchased both of these grips and they are phenomenal! Very ergonomic and yet sleek. This grip has actually increased my gameplay performance. I'm very impressed! Keep innovating!

Satisfye ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle Review
Rob .
United States United States
Handheld Gaming Perfection

The Switch Lite on its own is an attractive console and you CAN play it relatively comfortably without any added accessories. However, when you read reviews of the Switch Lite claiming the right thumbstick is a bit awkward to use, especially in games that require use of the ABXY buttons at the same time, those reviews are correct. It is possible to play with your pinkies holding the console up, but this is less than ideal. All in all, I can play maybe up to a half hour without getting numb tingly hands. The SwitchGrip Lite is a DREAM to use: the Switch Lite slides in easily but is secure, the handgrips feel solid like a next-gen console controller, and they position your hands perfectly to work the thumbsticks and buttons, almost like it was attached to the Switch Lite to begin with. Your hands are also pushed away from the screen so it draws your attention into the screen for a more immersive feel. Playing for well over an hour is incredibly comfortable. I know there are other grips out there from other manufacturers, but I cannot imagine they could be as much as a gaming revelation as the SwitchGrip Lite. Satisfye's design leaves the shoulder buttons uncovered, preserving their great clicky response. It is solid and does not flex during intense battles. I simply LOVE this and it will never be separated from the Switch Lite. The Slim Case is handsome, made from quality fabrics with a smooth zipper. No, it doesn't fit Nintendo's bulky AC adapter, but it does fit a few games and the SwitchGrip/Switch combo, and has a nice carrying handle. All while looking fantastic ! The included thumbstick pads are nice and improve playability even more. I did not find they impede 'run' speeds as some players have observed. My must have accessories would be the SwitchGrip Lite with case of your choice, quality glass screen protector Gulikit Bluetooth adapter for wireless buds (does not work well with Apple AirPods, but any APTX low latency buds should work very well. My Bose soundsport wireless work with unnoticeable latency) 128gb microSD card ( I purchased the Nintendo Licenced Sandisk one, mostly because it had Toad on it). If you are on the fence if you need this SwitchGrip Lite, trust me. You NEED this.

United States United States
its a good product

Its a great product and serves its purpose well, the grip itself makes using the switch lite a lot more comfortable, like using a pro controller on the go. The case is nice too and just as feature rich and secure as the OG version. However my only issue with it is that its nearly as big as the OG switch carry case, i get its supposed to support the grip as well but it takes away from the added portability i bought the switch lite for in the first place. So i don't usually find myself using it as much as i did the OG version. but for anyone who only uses a switch lite for things outside of portability, it is a great product.

Ronald C.
United States United States
Switch holiday bundle

Has been absolutely amazing. I liked it soo much, I bought another one for my wife’s switch. 10/10 highly recommend. Rich at ReviewTechUSA sold me on it and I have loved it ever since.

Jason C.
Canada Canada
Great product.

A little expensive to import into Canada, I think it was $73 after exchange and duty but, it arrived quickly (about 8 days) and in perfect condition. The white grip looks great with the turquoise Switch Lite!

Satisfye ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle Review
Nathan T.
United States United States
Zen Grip Go Slim Bundle

Absolutely love it! Amazingly comfortable design. Looks great and the case is perfect! The ease and convenience of being able to leave the grip attached at all times, and quality of the grip and case is A+! An absolute necessity!

Satisfye ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle ReviewSatisfye ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle ReviewSatisfye ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle Review
A Satisfye Customer
Rosie F.
Australia Australia
This grip is bomb

I love this grip - my hands would cramp holding my switch lite only after about 15 mins of gameplay - no issues with that anymore. The backs of the handles are slightly rubberised which makes it even more comfortable to hold. Love that it's got a stand to keep it propped up on my desk. The case is also great quality - velvety interior and solid exterior to protect from bumps and drops. Spend the extra dollars and get this bad boy - highly recommend!

Satisfye ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle Review
Rosemblim L.
United States United States
It makes the Switch Lite better

I bought my grip after several coworkers purchased their grip for the regular switch. I looked for alternatives but nothing else came close. Purchased my grip and love it. The case and the thumb grips are of the highest quality also. If you own a switch (lite or regular) you need this for extended handheld game play.

Satisfye ZenGrip™ Go Slim Bundle Review
Kelly L.
United States United States
Had to have one for all my switches

Love the satisfye grips! So comfy and nothing else compares! Now I play my switch handheld exclusively so my wife can pick what she wants on the TV. Happy wife happy life!